Book Review – Hunter’s Chase

Hunters Chase Book Cover

Book Review – Hunter’s Chase

Author Val Penny

I loved this book and I do not normally read crime fiction – I am a romantic at heart and love happy ending!  Somehow, I was drawn to the title and felt like a change of genre would be good and indeed I was right.

This is the first book in a crime series set in Scotland; and it had me hooked from the first chapter.  Interesting characters draw you in to this cleverly plotted book.  In fact, the character descriptions are superb.  Also, plenty of characters to get to know and decide their importance; very good for concentration and kept me reading well into the night.  This is a writer to watch and I can already see this as a TV Series.

There are lots of twists and turns and have to say I was kept up a few evenings trying to work out who the murderer was but of course that it the pleasure of reading a crime thriller.

I was particularly interested in Hunter Wilson in fact I think I love him and cannot wait to follow his journey over the next few books.  He seems to be in love with the Dr Meera Sharma the pathologist who certainly has her work cut out in Hunter’s Chase.

I thoroughly recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading the next one in the series.

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