Health Matters – An A to Z Guide to Good Health – I is for Ice Cream

I is for Ice Cream

Health Matters – I is for Ice Cream. Just to show I am not always a saint! πŸ˜‡

Yes, ice cream is a lovely treat at any time so I thought to make you smile I would confess I have a weakness for it, and I hope you think it fun for me to discuss the merits of ice cream.

I know ice cream would not normally be associated with healthy eating. But as many of you will know by now my philosophy is that if we provide our bodies with nutritious food most of the time then a treat now and again is good for us. It is my β€œHappiness and Health” rule which I talk about and what is nicer than a dollop of tasty ice cream?

The good news is that it does have some nutritional benefits, but portion control is essential as eating too much ice cream, which contains high levels of saturated fat and sugar would certainly not be a healthy option! Also, if you are really working on reducing your weight, I am sorry to say ice cream should be completely off the menu until you reach your goal weight because the combination of fat and sugar makes it higher in calories than many other treats.

🍨 An average scoop of ice cream would contain approximately 130 – 150 calories. Read the label to ascertain the quality of the ice cream you are buying – dairy ice cream contains milk fat only; those containing vegetable fat are not recommended because of the manufacturing process, which research suggests is not healthy.

🍨 Ice cream contains vitamins A, and some B vitamins. It also contains calcium which is required for strong bones and teeth.

🍨 Ice cream has similar protein content to milk so it is beneficial, in moderation, for children who usually love it and you can make it more nutritious by adding fresh fruit. Even better, try making your own ice cream.

You can make your own ice cream easily using slices of frozen banana 🍌, whizzed up with chocolate protein powder or strawberries πŸ“ in a food processor. Why not experiment?

Enjoy and be happy!
Live with joy and health πŸ’š
Elizabeth Beetham