Health Matters – an A to Z Guide to Good Health – G is for Garlic

G is for Garlic

Health Watch Alphabet of Healthy Foods – G is for Garlic  🧄

Garlic (allium sativum) is what I like to call a “Miracle Food”.  It really does contain outstanding health benefits and although some people worry about the odour it causes on the breath it is worth it I assure you!

Also if you eat garlic regularly the odour is negligible.  If you do hate the taste and smell you can buy garlic capsules which should provide you with the same benefits but quality is important. In recent years the medical profession has acknowledged the efficacy of garlic – research papers have concluded that above all garlic is a superior tonic for the cardiovascular system because it:

🧄 helps lower blood pressure and is of major importance in your diet if you wish to lower blood pressure naturally.

🧄 helps lower cholesterol and fats (triglycerides) in the blood, helping raise the protective HDL, while reducing the bad LDL cholesterol and this cuts the risk of damage being caused to the artery walls.

🧄 can inhibit blood clotting by reducing the tendency of platelets to clump together which may provide protection from heart attack and strokes.

🧄 is also a strong antiseptic and helps to control the growth of many types of bacteria and fungi which may cause infection and disease.

🧄 also boosts the immune system stimulating the body’s own defence system and helps protect against cancer.

Sorry about the bad breath. 😮‍💨 Just eat that garlic and be healthy and happy! 😊

Live with joy and health.

Elizabeth Beetham