Nutrition Consultancy

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is vitally important if we are to live a healthy and happy life.

Food and drink provide different types of nutrients; some that provide us with the energy we need for day-to-day living and others to help us repair, grow, and maintain a healthy body.


Health Benefits of Good Nutrition

Academics and scientists after years of research have proven and are continuing to prove that eating well does offer many long-term benefits such as the reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other common conditions.

Immune System

Our immune system needs balance and harmony and can be massively influenced and affected by the environment around us e.g. smoking, stress, germs, and bacteria. The good news is that our immune system can be boosted by a good night’s sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, and eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, and whole foods.

Power of Sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning. Sleep helps to regulate mood and can assist in learning and improve our memory. Lack of sleep can result in lower energy levels and low mood and also our ability to commit to regular exercise and stick to healthy eating habits.

Low Mood

Whole foods and those high in antioxidants have been proven to improve our mood and result in a much lower risk of depression.

Food Supplements

We should be able to obtain most of the nutrients we need for a healthy body from our diet but unfortunately, because of the changes in farming methods, our soil is now depleted of essential minerals and often polluted with pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Also, time constraints of a busy lifestyle often result in poor food choices so that we do not get the variety of foods needed for a balanced nutritious diet. For those looking for optimum health, taking natural supplements can be enormously beneficial.

We are passionate about helping you attain your full health potential and the consultation process starts with just four easy steps:

Step 1

Prior to the initial consultation, you are asked to complete a seven-day food diary which is analysed before our initial meeting. Each consultation is completely confidential as all aspects of health, lifestyle, diet, and relevant past medical history are discussed.

Step 2

You will receive recommendations following the initial meeting, which are specifically tailored to your needs and will set you on the right road to improving your health and wellbeing. These may include changes to diet, lifestyle and recommended supplements.

Step 3

Following the initial meeting and you receiving your recommendations, it is usual for a second consultation to take place to assess whether the new plan is working well enough for you and if any revisions are necessary to further improve your health and wellbeing.

Step 4

Power for Health are committed to supporting and empowering you throughout your lifestyle plan and we are dedicated to working with you and ensuring you reach your goals.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible take responsibility for their own health.

Riverford Organic Farms

Here at Power for Health we truly believe that we should provide our bodies with the best food possible and it is for that very reason that we choose to eat fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables and meat whenever we can. While organically grown and reared produce is now widely available at supermarkets throughout the UK, we personally like to support local farmers and growers, supporting the local economy and being kinder to the environment because the produce does not have to travel long distances.

While many organic farms now supply directly to the public, we choose to buy and support Riverford Organic Farms. Originally the business started on a farm in Devon in 1987 and came up with the idea of delivering boxes of fresh produce to people in the surrounding area. Before long the demands were so high that they partnered with three other organic farmers throughout the UK and deliver more than 47,000 boxes a week.

We think that small-scale organic family farms are the most sustainable way of producing food here in the UK.

All of our suppliers look after their soil, livestock, and wildlife by farming respectfully and in tune with nature. We only sell food that we think is truly outstanding, made by people we know and trust.

If you would like to find out more about this award-winning organic farming business and just how easy and convenient it is to have a vegetable box delivered, you can by visiting

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