‘Don’t Die at Your Desk’ makes very many valid points relating to lifestyle and dealing with many of the pressures that exist in today's business environment. People who are very successful and even unsuccessful in their business, should conduct themselves in the ways that Elizabeth suggests, which is a rational and necessary approach, so take heed. Most executives think of course that this does not apply to them. However, having run very successful companies myself, I have experienced more than my fair share of stress, long hours, deadlines, and having too many appointments. It would have been comforting to have on my desk Elizabeth’s book reminding me what life is all about.

I Hope Elizabeth’s book is read by many, and in so doing helps to create a better business environment for all to survive."

Christine Assanah

Thank you so much for what I can only describe as an eye-opening and life-changing workshop. The presentation and small group discussions provided valuable insight into the importance of nutrition. I am more conscious of how I feed my body and how my choices affect everything– my physical well-being, my performance at work, my relationships with loved ones, etc.

Furthermore, I learned that eating well really does not have to be complicated! Elizabeth’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion are inspirational and contagious. I now affirm my love for ME daily with how I feed and care for myself; I encourage you to do the same!


Elizabeth, thank you.

11lbs lighter and ready for the challenge of my life – recharged by your wisdom and vibrant goodwill.

A new man!

Lucy Hamer

I highly recommend Elizabeth. She has exceptional knowledge of nutrition, health, and wellbeing.  She provides fantastic holistic support and encouragement. I also benefited from the supplements she recommends.

Lesley Bausor

When I was working on the program with Elizabeth, being supported by her, I felt like a new person, both mentally and physically – more energetic.  My self-esteem improved due to weight loss.

I highly recommend the Power for Health program.

Catherine Gordon

I benefited greatly from Elizabeth’s sound advice during an intense phase in my life when stress levels were at their highest and my wellbeing was suffering. Elizabeth’s holistic approach meant that she helped me consider a number of different aspects of my lifestyle. We discussed nutrition and supplements, exercise, relaxation, and work/life balance. Elizabeth’s accurate and highly perceptive insights helped me take stock.  With her help, I managed to get back onto an even keel. My health has improved and the symptoms I experienced are no longer bothering me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Faye Baxter

I have known Elizabeth Beetham for a number of years.  Over these years she has advised me on healthy eating, good food, and the ones to avoid.  I also buy a health drink which I take to help give a natural healthy balance to my diet. I know I have benefited from taking this and also had various other supplements including Omega 3 and Vitamin B.  Her advice on health and nutrition I have every faith in as I know how much I have benefited from this advice.

Susan Baker

Dieting is such a chore without the help and support of someone to strengthen your resolve. That person for me was Elizabeth. Her passionate belief in the right food and exercise in order to create a better you is exceptional. I lost 1.5 stone in just 6 weeks! If you are planning a special day or have any goal in mind, Elizabeth will create an individual plan of action for you to achieve that target. With Elisabeth’s help, you could change your life, forever.

Sue Williams

I found that Elizabeth’s 6-week course gave me the motivation, support, and encouragement to focus on changing my eating habits. It really helped to have the accountability of attending the weekly group meetings, and the valuable talks around different topics relating to healthy eating.  I was delighted to lose a stone in weight during the program.

Sally Stanier

Elizabeth is very passionate about health and fitness and especially the health of the people she is working with. The level of support whilst doing the plan was exceptional. Elizabeth provided regular newsletters/information which were easy to understand and the recipes were fantastic.

Sarah Hill

I was diagnosed with celiac disease and was really floundering with my food choices. I was delighted to meet Elizabeth who guided me through a diet plan with helpful extras, from breathing exercises to a fitness regime.  Elizabeth helped me a great deal and I am very thankful to her.

Rhona Anderson

Elizabeth has been a terrific life coach and inspiration for me, providing expert advice on healthier eating and nutrition, general wellness, dealing with stress and difficult situations, and exercising. She has motivated me to start running and helped me achieve my goal of running 5km (she doesn’t hesitate to put on her running shoes to run alongside me and support me). She has converted me to the benefits of “juicing” and those healthy vegetable smoothies. She is the perfect “advert” for the holistic healthy approach that she promotes. My advice is: “do what she says and the results will be amazing!