Healthy Weight Loss Programmes

Have you tried numerous diets, but still fail to keep your weight under control?

We like to do things a little differently and our Healthy Weight Loss Programme is not another fad dieting plan because diets simply do not work.

We provide you with education and motivation to enable you to manage your weight for life, guaranteed!

Guaranteed Weight Management

Healthy Living for Life Weight Reduction Programmes

Diets do not work!  Power for Health is dedicated to supporting, motivating, and helping you embrace a healthier lifestyle. Our unique weight management programmes guarantee means you have nothing to lose only those unhealthy pounds.

Together let’s get rid of that excess weight!

I would love to be your Health Coach

Have you tried numerous diets, but still failed to keep your weight under control? This is not another fad dieting plan. We provide you with the education and help you need to start your journey to a healthier life.

In recent years, our stress levels have been high and we feel under pressure which is bad for our health and means we hold onto that fat.  At Power for Health, we acknowledge it is often hard to find the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals, our recipes are quick and easy.

Making time to take regular exercise is also difficult but when you understand the benefits and with our support, you will enjoy “Moving that Body!”

Are you ready to make that commitment? We can provide you with the knowledge, understanding, and tools to live a life full of wellness and vitality.

We offer two bespoke programs, guaranteed to set you on the path to Healthy Living for Life!

Six Weeks to a New You

A healthier you and a weight reduction you will be smiling about – the program guarantees to reduce your weight by on average 14 pounds and it will improve your vitality.

Twelve Weeks to Health for Life

For those needing more weight loss support. Guaranteed to reduce your weight on average by 28lbs and provides you with the tools to continue on your journey to health and wellness.

My greatest concern today is the number of people who are so obviously obese. This is now an epidemic that has such serious health implications; diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer are just some of the health issues associated with obesity. It saddens me to see so many young women who are already struggling to walk properly. Why not let Power for Health change your health and change your life?  Remember, these programs are guaranteed!

We are passionate about helping you attain your full health potential and the consultation program starts with just four easy steps:

Step 1

Each week you will receive a one-hour consultation and there will be discussion and help every step of the way.

Adjustments may need to be made to ensure following the program is as simple as possible.

We are all individuals with different biological make-up but this program has flexibility so you can be sure of success.

Step 2

You will also be provided with Guidelines, a Food Diary to complete, and comprehensive meal plans. This ensures that you have all the information you need, and we can monitor your progress and notice where you may need extra help. You will receive a weekly pack with all the information you need but you will also have support whenever you need it – even a phone call when you are having a “Mars Bar” moment!

Step 3

Our mission is to support and motivate you to ensure you are happy and meeting your goals.

Advice and comfort because changing our lifestyle is challenging. Each week you will also receive motivational tips to support you.

We cannot guarantee it will be easy, but you can be assured there will be fun on this journey.

Step 4

Each week, along with the meal plan, you will receive our recommended tried and tested recipes.

These recipes are based on low to medium on the glycaemic index which means they help stabilize your blood sugar levels which also help protect you from diabetes.

Group Programmes

Weight loss programmes are also available for groups of 6 or more.

Prices will be agreed upon when the venue and number of participants has been confirmed. Contact us for more information.

On every programme you will be provided with all the tools you need for success, including:

One hour weekly consultation and discussion


Food Diary

Meal plans

Motivational tips and advice


speak for themselves!


Workout Sessions


Days Of Program


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