Hunters Revenge Book Cover

Another masterpiece by Val Penny, I loved this book.  I never imagined I would enjoy crime fiction, so much, but what has happened is magical.  I am now a detective. One of DI Hunter Wilson’s Team, totally, embroiled in the plot, searching for answers.

This is a brilliant plot full of intrigue, and twists and turns. It keeps the mind engaged, longing for the truth about why a £23,000 antiquarian book was delivered to a dead man, and who is involved in smuggling cocaine into Edinburgh; you just have to keep turning those pages.

The murder of a colleague and friend George Reinbold is hard for all the team to handle but Hunter is determined to solve this horrid crime.  Worse, a lovely innocent girl gets caught in the drug crime and is also murdered so two difficult cases to solve.  The great thing is you do not know the culprits right until the very end so lot of suspense too.

I highly recommend this book.